Thursday, April 30, 2015

Odds Grow Next Homegrown Terror Attacker Will Be A Woman

Jihad Jane: Terrorism's new face is softer — with long hair covered by a hijab — but no less vicious. Some 550 Muslim women, including Americans, have joined the Islamic State. They want to kill you. They're already trying.
Until terrorist profiles are updated, these women could pose the biggest threat to the homeland. That's because U.S. authorities aren't trained to look for teenage Muslim girls. They're trained to spot young Muslim men acting suspiciously.
Video Report Of Muslim Veiled Women Exempt From 
Security Checks
As a consequence, Jihad Janes could have an easier time getting past security checkpoints with weapons or bombs, which recent IS videos show they are training to use against Americans. (In one recent video, 45 Muslim women dressed in flowing black gowns and veils are seen firing AK-47 rifles at targets.)
Law enforcement officials were alarmed to learn this week that a quiet Muslim woman from the University of Alabama has been training with IS terrorists in Syria since November.
Hoda Muthana,
Hoda Muthana, 20, is now trying to recruit other Jihad Janes, while calling on all Muslims inside America to gun down or even run down families of fallen veterans and other participants at upcoming Memorial Day parades.
"Terrorize the kuffar (infidels) at home," she tweeted.
"Americans wake up! Men and women altogether," Muthana added. "You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping!"
"Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them," she continued in her bloodthirsty rant. "Veterans, Patriot, Memorial etc Day parades ... go on drive bys + spill all of their blood or rent a big truck n drive all over them. Kill them."
Muthana is not alone. More than a dozen young American Muslim women now have either joined the ranks of the savage IS terrorist group or plotted to carry out acts of terrorism in its name on American soil.
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This is very sad that American teenage girls could be so cold