Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marco Rubio Joins Two Other Candidates that Share Tea-Party Roots

In rise to power, Sens. Cruz, Paul and Rubio found support from the anti-establishment movement
Sen. Marco Rubio Joins Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul in the 2016 Campaign for President. Each won their Senate Seats with support from the Tea-Party Movement.
Now the three, who all beat establishment-backed candidates in Senate primaries, will be competing for the loyalty of tea-party voters as they seek the GOP presidential nomination.
This spate of candidates with tea-party roots and aspirations is a sign of how the GOP has been shaped by an anti-establishment movement that has emerged over the last six years, galvanized by unhappiness over big bank bailouts, a soaring federal deficit and President Barack Obama’s 2010 health-care laws.
Mr. Cruz of Texas is assiduously courting the tea-party vote, trumpeting his fights with the GOP establishment on health care, immigration and other issues.
Mr. Paul of Kentucky launched his presidential campaign with a populist anti-Washington message but also tried to reach out to blacks and others beyond the conservative base.
Mr. Rubio, the Florida senator, who had tea-party support in his 2010 primary victory over a sitting governor, has the most to prove to his erstwhile tea-party allies, because he alienated many by supporting a major immigration bill.
It is too early to say whether tea-party voters will coalesce behind any one presidential candidate. But activists see the field as an embarrassment of riches, offering an array of alternatives to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is no tea party favorite. Also drawing tea party favor is Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker; he has no formal ties to the movement, but polls show he appeals to its followers because of his fights with labor unions and Democrats.
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