Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How's That ELECT-A-WOMEN Pitch Working Out In South America?

Bill Clinton's Wife, Mrs. Bill Clinton
Politics: Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has a thing or two to say about Hillary Clinton, whose argument for the presidency is based not on her record or policy positions but on the fact she's a woman.
'She wants to make it a gender-based campaign," Fiorina, who will launch her own presidential campaign May 4, told the Associated Press. "She wants to talk about a war on women; she wants to talk about being the first woman president. She can't do any of that with me."
Carly Fiorina
It's not just that Fiorina is a woman herself — with an impressive track record in the private sector. It's that Fiorina has put her finger on the real issue, which is the sheer speciousness of the argument that a woman can do the job better than a man. Or worse, that "it's time" for a woman president.
Dumb and Dumber
And don't think that's not what's out there already in the media, perhaps being bruited about by Clinton's propaganda teams. College students want to vote for Hillary because she's a woman, a survey by Campus Reform found. "Yes, You Should Vote For Hillary 'Just' Because She's A Woman," wrote left-wing blogger Rich Smith.
But having a female Republican contender around isn't the only counter to the argument that Americans should vote for woman just because she's a woman. Take a look at how it's worked out south of our border.
3 South American mistakes
Running on a wave of "a woman can do the job better than a man," three women have made it to the highest offices in Brazil, Argentina and Chile. All ran hard on the feminist gender-card argument (none harder than in Argentina), and all three countries are in shambles.
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