Saturday, April 18, 2015

Boston Globe: Ranking the top 10 Republican 2016 hopefuls in N.H.

19 GOP 2016 Hopefuls who were scheduled to appear at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit were ranked by the Boston Globe.

Keep in Mind as you read, This is the BOSTON GLOBE.
Three criteria determined these rankings: fund-raising prowess, recent public polling in the state, and sophistication of ground operations. These rankings will be updated continuously until next year’s primary.
10. Rick Perry
Humbled after his rough 2012 campaign, the Texan is trying to build a robust Granite State operation. But his moment may have passed.
9. Carly Fiorina
She has never been elected to office and cut jobs at HP’s Nashua facility during her tenure. But she’s the only woman in the field and has been aggressively courting activist support.
8. George Pataki
He last ran for office in New York in 2002, but his singular focus on New Hampshire means he’s nabbed endorsements, including two of the 14 GOP state senators.
7. Marco Rubio
If Rubio were a stock, it would be smart to buy him. The Floridian is a good candidate and has experienced aides on the team. The issue? His path in the early primary states, including New Hampshire, is unclear — unless his competition falls in the rankings.
6. Ted Cruz
The Texan is riding high because he’ll probably do well in the Iowa, where his base — Christian conservatives — turn out for the caucuses. A strong Hawkeye State showing would make him a consensus social conservative candidate among New Hampshire primary voters.
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