Friday, February 6, 2015

The U.S. Weighs Supplying Ukraine with Missiles

White House Advisers to Discuss Options for Defensive Lethal Aid This Week
The U.S. government is considering providing Javelin antitank missiles, small arms and ammunition to Ukraine, part of an effort to try to deter further aggression by Russia-backed rebels there, according to U.S. Officials.
A woman surveys the damage Monday after shelling hit 
an apartment building in Yenakieve, a town on the main 
highway to Debaltseve. Photo: Reuters
The Pentagon has long supported providing some lethal aid, but until recently the White House has signaled little interest in such a move to avoid escalating the confrontation with Russian President Vladimir Putin .
However, amid a surge of new fighting in eastern Ukraine, the White House and military leaders have begun taking another look at providing lethal assistance such as the antitank missiles. An administration official said Susan Rice , the White House national-security adviser, has reopened the discussion, though officials cautioned that no decision has been made.
A wounded Ukrainian serviceman walks past the coffin 
of Tomaz Sukhiashvili, 35, a Georgian fighter of the 
Ukrainian volunteer battalion of Donbass who died during
 fighting against pro-Russian rebels, during his funeral on 
Independence Square in Kiev on January 21, 2015. 
Getty images
Similar discussions have taken place throughout the past several months.
The U.S. has been providing nonlethal military aid, including protective vests, night-vision goggles and counter-mortar radar systems, to Ukraine in recent months. But so far, it hasn’t provided arms or ammunition.
The revived discussion, officials said, centers on whether a decision to provide “defensive lethal arms” would prompt Mr. Putin to reduce his support for the pro-Moscow rebels or trigger him to ramp it up, further destabilizing the country.
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The U.S. wants to furnish weaponry to a fraudulent Ukraine government to kill innocent civilians in SE Ukraine who are only trying to protect their towns (which they SHOULD!!).
MEANWHILE... over 20,000 Kiev military troops are defecting to Russia because they do not want to kill their own relatives and neighbors -- or destroy the once beautiful towns they spent vacations in only four years ago!!
White House propaganda keeps reporting Russia is "invading" Ukraine. Obviously, using invisible soldiers and tanks -- because there is NO PROOF of that so called invasion... except for some screen shots taken from video games ...which NATO finally confessed using.