Friday, February 13, 2015

Scott Walker Speaks at Chatham House in London: Building Global Partnerships for Stronger Local Economies (Full Video 02-12-15)

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Anonymous said...

Bosman, I watched the entire speech so you guys don't have to! Haha

My take on Walker is that he is a fine governor, but in over his head as president. The speech and interview show a man who hasn't done any homework at all. I mean really, not at all. Palinesque, you might say. But I give her some credit because at least she was chosen unexpectedly for VP, and then declined to run for pres. Walker doesn't seem to know why he wants to be pres, only that he does.

He's falling prey to the seductive voices around him, as is often the case.

This speech/interview were flatly unimpressive (to be kind), and it just makes me pine for Romney all the more.


MarcioWilges said...

It is not a pleasant sight to be viewing the removal of a candidate from his post but that is what happens in politics and the scene is constantly regular. There will always be disagreements continuously which are common every season.