Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rick Perry Takes on Putin (Full Video 02-22-15)

Former Texas governor Rick Perry is taking on Russian president Vladimir Putin. The possible presidential candidate says that the "peace and security of the world" depends on how America deals with Russia.
Here's what Perry recommends doing to counter Putin's recent aggression:
Hey Vlad ... Why is it when you're photographed next to Men
You always look like you're sitting down? You dont have a
LITTLE MAN  phobia ...DO YOU?  Is that your problem?
  • Provide lethal aid to the Ukrainians so they can defend themselves 
  • Increase sanctions, including reconsidering Russia’s continued access to the SWIFT international banking system
  • Fast track permits for LNG export facilities on the East Coast to flood the European market with American natural gas.
Read the rest of Perry's recommendations and story HERE.

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