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Op-ed: Tickling the Surface of those Out to Kill Us All

Tickling the Surface of those Out to Kill Us All

By: Diane Sori

(Authors Note: this article was written before the horrific events concerning the Jordanian pilot unfolded today...more on that tomorrow)

“We should stop 'overinflating' importance of terror groups as if 'they are an existential threat' to the U.S. or the world order.” 
- Barack HUSSEIN Obama in a recent CNN interview on the War on Terror

ISIS...the danger grows stronger with each passing day as they capture more territory and send more heads rolling...literally. And here we sit with a president who does NOT possess the will nor fortitude to do what needs to be done before 'over there' becomes 'now here.'

Barack HUSSEIN Obama has NO understanding of foreign policy nor does his narcissistic self allow him to learn from those who do. His agenda is both partisan in nature as well as...and this critical...NOT stepping on the toes of or inflicting too much damage on those whose blood, beliefs, and goals he shares.

What's best for the U.S. and our allies he turns a blind eye to while he leads a 'supposed' coalition...a coalition whose hands he ties behind their backs and whose bombs he has instructed to fall where they inflict as little damage as possible...a coalition divided by ancient rivalries and historical tensions that add to the overall ineffectiveness of those joined together in battle...of those joined together in what he calls 'Operation Inherent Resolve.' Thinking he can fight and win the war on the PR front alone, Obama thinks so highly of himself that he does NOT or will NOT see the reality around him...a reality that quite simply is that ISIS is indeed winning...period.

“I reject a war against islam,” Obama continued to bloviate, ignoring the fact that we are at war with islam and have been since the hell on earth that was 9/11.

And remember that ISIS...formally know as al-Qaeda in a well-oiled, well-organized business, as well as being a Sunni fighting machine that has sophisticated weapons at their disposal... some they've gotten through Obama's supplying the 'so-called' rebels in Syria...rebels who are but a front for both ISIS and al-Qaeda...and from those they've taken the wares that were left behind when we against the generals advice left Iraq. And whether some want to admit it or NOT ISIS is indeed now an army...a strong and growing army...with a war chest in the billions...garnered NOT from a strict dependency on foreign aid but from their collecting the equivalent of taxes from those they conquer, from selling electricity to those they conquer, and from exporting oil. And most importantly, the territory they capture...territory once part of established sovereign states...they for the most part hold...hold and implement strict unwavering sharia governance.

And ISIS has killed Americans...a fact the media downplays. Remember always James Foley and Steven Sotloff, our two journalists beheaded and fear for the young American woman they still hold...that is if she is NOT already dead. But while to date ISIS has NOT yet launched an attack on American soil just know that they do have their people here...sleeping if you will but always ready to 'go' at a moments notice. And Obama knows this yet he does NOT a thing...our unsealed borders and upcoming amnesty fiasco prove that point quite well.

Not a thing does he do beyond merely tickling the surface of those out to kill us all.

And with Republicans now in control of Congress there are finally some who understand the danger our country...and the world...faces, and who also understands that now would be the perfect time for a formal and legal declaration of war...but again this will NOT happen with this president at America's helm.

So how can America and our allies win against ISIS in spite of a president who wants us to lose...and know that winning is what must be done...winning NOT containment as Obama wants. First, let's make it clear that victory cannot be won with the current anything but a strategy of sporadic and far between bombing strikes. And let's make it clear that victory can be ours in spite of some saying that we cannot kill our way out of this war but that victory will come only when we have “undermined and delegitimize” the ideology of ISIS.

To the contrary, victory can be ours with the simple answer of 'bullets and bombs'...nonstop 24/7 'bullets and bombs'...unrelenting...unyielding...'bullets and bombs'...until ISIS is brought to its knees...begging and grovelling for us to stop...and then to make sure the job is done send them one more round of 'bullets and bombs' as icing on their death cake. And as the cherry on top...let troops from the coalition go in and clean up the mess because with enough 'bullets and bombs' coalition casualties will be small.

And collateral damage be damned for simply put...this is war and war is indeed a very dirty business.

That my friends is how to win the war against ISIS...send them to their 'supposed' paradise in one fell swoop...and in return ridding the world of a tangible devil born of flesh and blood...and hate.

And know that ridding the world of savages is NOT a job just for America...that must be fully ridding the world of these savages is a job for civilized men everywhere for 7th century savages with 21st century weapons...fanatical savages whose god was created by a perverted madman...a made-up god driving them ever forward...are NOT simply just dangerous but could signal the end of Western civilization as we know it if we do NOT stop them now before it's too late...if it's NOT too late already.

And Barack HUSSEIN Obama also knows this well but Western civilization...and America in NOT a concern for him for he would love NOTHING better than to welcome the caliphate to our shores...he'd even throw out the welcome mat for those in the vanguard...oh wait...he's already done that with the Muslim he turns our Constitution into kindling to be thrown onto the fires of America's new found hell.

'Bullets and bombs'...'bombs and bullets' are the only way to stop ISIS...I cannot state that enough especially when this miserable excuse of a president thinks politically correct words posted on Twitter or signs he has Michelle hold up for the cameras will have a calming effect on the savages. And know that all this PR war of his is doing is giving ISIS an ever expanding venue from which to recruit the angry and vulnerable, while at the same time giving credence to their cause and emboldening them in their fact Obama is actually providing fuel for the ISIS fire to fan out and grow...and he knows it.

'Bullets and bombs'...carpet bombing...must be used to counter the words of a man who wants us to, as he said, “maintain proper perspective” for he believes that while “the truth of the matter is that they (ISIS) can do harm that America still has the capacity to control how we respond in ways that do not undercut what's the -- you know, what's essence of who we are.”

NO...Obama...NO...the time for control has long since passed as now the answer is indeed 'bullets and bombs' and a hell of a lot of them. Surgical attacks he says,“a surgical, precise response to a very specific problem” in targeted in nature and so overrated...and usually accomplishing little if anything of substance is what Obama wants NOT caring that when you take out one savage there's always another savage in the wings waiting to take their place.

“We don't torture, for example, and thereby undermine our values and credibility around the world.” Words of a traitor said while heads continue to roll...again quite literally...words of a man who thinks torturing a few is worse than the cries of 3,000 ghosts who will forever haunt the consciousness of America's soul.

And that is what Obama wants America's answer to answer so limited in scope that it turns America's 'enemy within' into the 'enemy out front' as he deliberately leads a war whose strategy is to let the enemy win.

And with Barack HUSSEIN Obama still refusing to call the 'War on Terror' a war on radical islam or even allude to it being a 'religious war'...which it is of sorts after it being a tangible here and now battle that is...he continues to claim that such labels hurt efforts to root out radical ideologies in muslim communities. And yet Obama forgets or willingly ignores the reality that if you do NOT condemn you condone. And lest he forget that the silence from muslim communities both here in America and around the world is deafening...a collective deafening silence that hurts the ears but warms the sensibilities of a man who would be king...or should I say head honcho of his oh so wanted islamic caliphate...NO matter how many heads have to roll to get there.

'Bullets and bombs'...repeat after me...'bullets and bombs'...'bullets and bombs'...until ISIS is NO more...that is the answer...'bullets and bombs'...period.


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