Thursday, February 26, 2015

Obama's Convenient Confusion About Who Ended The Iraq War

We now know that Barack Obama has very few useful presidential skills. One of them is the guile to appear absolutely, 100% genuinely sincere when he says one thing. And then, just months later, to appear absolutely, 100% genuinely sincere when saying exactly the opposite.
He never declared a red line in Syria; that was someone else. He never said ObamaCare would save Americans $2,500 per household in healthcare costs.
In the 2012 presidential campaign Obama and Joe Biden warned voters that, if elected, Republican Mitt Romney would attack Syria. Even worse, Biden said, Romney threatened to revive the Cold War by not trusting Russia's President Vladimir Putin.
Turns out, it's the Obama-Biden administration that's bombing Syria now. And judging by Obama's denunciations of and economic sanctions on Putin, Republican Mitt Romney was 100% correct to distrust the former KGB officer.
Ending the war in Iraq was the original cornerstone of Obama's ambition for higher office first, the Senate, then the presidency. In 2010, Biden told Larry King that pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq the next year would be just one of Obama's "great achievements."
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