Monday, February 9, 2015

Obama Foreign Policy: Losing Friends, Begging Foes

Obama's Pro-Iran Strategy Costs Us An Ally
War On Terror: The United Arab Emirates has quietly pulled out of the campaign against the Islamic State, not just over equipment but because of President Obama's broader pro-Iran strategy. We can't afford this.
Mariam al-Mansouri, the first United Arab Emirates 
female fighter jet pilot, had led airstrikes against 
the Islamic State. AP
As if the president's misguided efforts to make Iran our key ally in the war against Islamic State in Iraq were not bad enough, the unintended consequences from it are starting to cascade.
The United Arab Emirates, our best-trained and most active Middle Eastern partner in the coalition to destroy the Islamic State, has halted its participation in airstrikes over enemy territory since December.
That's one heck of a vote of no confidence for a U.S. president who has openly claimed he can retain allies as his predecessor couldn't.
What's more, it's a loss because the Emirates are a good ally to have in our corner, a wealthy Sunni Muslim state friendly to free markets and modernity.
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Mohammad Reza Naghdi
America's Weakness In Iran Negotiations Could Be Guise
Nuclear Terror: Iran's military claims the U.S. is begging Tehran for a deal. In fact, President Obama's ill-conceived nuclear talks, from the start, have been about America groveling.
A commander of an affiliate of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard taunts that the "Americans are begging us for a deal on the negotiation table," the Washington Free Beacon reports.
Mohammad Reza Naghdi told government-controlled media that repeated "pleas" from U.S. negotiators for a deal are proof that the world's lone superpower is parleying with the world's chief terror-sponsoring state from a position of weakness.
Is this what candidate Obama meant when he promised in 2007 that "tough-minded diplomacy, backed by the whole range of instruments of American power — political, economic and military — could bring success even when dealing with long-standing adversaries such as Iran and Syria"?
Expressing desperation to get a signed piece of paper from perhaps our biggest enemy — is that supposed to be one of the "instruments of American power"?
The Iranian power structure may be in the seventh century, but it's not made of fools. When we first "extended the hand of diplomacy" in fall 2013, as Obama put it, the White House PR machine lauded the gesture as if it were the armistice that ended World War I.
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