Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jordan: Just Do It!

War On Terror:
Jordan will likely face criticism for executing five terrorists in retaliation for the Islamic State's incineration of one of its pilots. It shouldn't. The ugly reality is that Jordan's response is the only appropriate one.
Iraqi Sajida Mubarek Atrous al-Rishawi opening her jacket 
and showing an explosive belt that failed to work
The global war on terror seems to be taking a new seriousness, given the unprecedented barbarism of the Islamic State's latest terror act.
Just days after brutally beheading two Japanese citizens, IS has released a video showing the burning death of a 26-year-old Jordanian pilot placed in a cage with an encircling trail of gasoline.
The repulsive video — probably shot in January, shortly after the pilot was captured the month before — was the terrorist group's most advanced propaganda effort yet, with cameras positioned at different angles to follow the gas-lit flames as they encircled and then consumed the innocent man.
Jordan's pre-Islamic-era hero, St. George, slays the dragon
The message sent was one of contempt for Jordan's offer to swap prisoners to save the man and evinced a special cruelty for a state that they intend to overrun.
There's no other way to deal with such a threat than with the hardest response possible.
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