Thursday, February 5, 2015

Former Russian Spy accused Putin of being ‘Kremlin Paedophile’ Before His Death

THE widow of poisoned spy Alexander Litvinenko has told the public inquiry into his death that her husband accused Russian president Vladimir Putin of being a paedophile.
Marina Litvinenko said ex-KGB agent Mr Litvinenko wrote an article shortly before his death in 2006 which questioned why Mr Putin kissed a young boy’s stomach under his T-shirt during a tour of the Kremlin.
The Millennium Hotel in London where the former Russian 
spy was allegedly poisoned with a cup of tea laced with 
radioactive polonium-210 in 2006. 
Picture: Ben Stansall / AFP Source: AFP
The article describes how the Russian President stopped to chat to a young boy and lifted his T-shirt to kiss his stomach and argues that Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence because “his bosses learned that Putin was a paedophile”.
Mr Litvenenko also claimed Putin found secret tapes of himself “making sex” with young boys.

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