Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fighting Intensifies in Eastern Ukraine Before Planned Minsk Peace Talks

Members of Ukraine’s Azov Battalion train at a military 
base in Mariupol, Ukraine, on Monday. 
Photo: European Pressphoto Agency
Fighting surged in eastern Ukraine on Tuesday ahead of planned peace talks, as Ukrainian forces tried to push back rebels outside a key port and suffered a rare attack on their eastern military command center.
The spike in violence—to the sort of full-scale battles not seen since the height of the conflict last summer—appeared to be a scramble to shore up positions before any new cease-fire is implemented.
At least two dozen people, including civilians, have been killed on either side since Monday.
In the Belarusian capital of Minsk, negotiators were preparing for a high-level summit Wednesday, part of a last-ditch diplomatic push by Germany and France to secure a cease-fire.
The remnants of a rocket shell that hit government-held 
Kramatorsk on Wednesday, killing 15 people. 
Photo: Reuters
U.S. President Barack Obama called Russian President Vladimir Putin to press for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine standoff, warning of consequences for Russia if the violence continues, the White House said.
Mr. Obama is considering sending weapons to help Ukraine in its 10-month battle with Russia-backed separatists, but has delayed his decision until the latest attempt at diplomacy is exhausted.
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