Saturday, February 28, 2015

False ‘Israel drowns Gaza’ Claims Sweep the Internet

Residents of Strip forced from homes after winter storm, and Jerusalem is blamed for opening invisible dams
Alie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes,” Mark Twain is believed to have said.
Indeed, an annual lie about Israel flooding the Gaza Strip circled the globe this week, with newspapers making wild allegations against Jerusalem that a minute of fact-checking could have straightened out.
France’s AFP wire service posted a video showing flooding in the Gaza Strip in the wake of last week’s storm, entitled “Gaza village floods after Israel opens dam gates.”
Al Jazeera and Palestinian news agency Ma’an also reported that Israel had caused the flooding by opening dams. The official Palestinian Al Wafa news service even said Israel “pumped large amounts of rainwater into the Gaza Strip, causing tens of neighboring homes to sink, according to witnesses and media sources.”
A writer at Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper outdid the other reports, contorting herself into knots to tie the flooding in with Israel’s Electric Corporation temporarily suspending service to West Banks cities Nablus and Jenin.
“Hundreds of Palestinians left homeless after Israel opens river dam and floods houses… hours before Jewish state’s electric company cuts off power in West Bank cities,” read the initial Daily Mail headline.
“The flooding was today compounded after an Israeli power company cut electricity to two of Gaza’s major West Bank cities,” read a whopper of a sentence in the article.
Of course, Gaza doesn’t have any major West Bank cities, because Gaza and the West Bank are two distinct and separate geographic entities.
What’s more, Israel doesn’t have any dams in the Nahal Habesor/Wadi Gaza watershed that it could open to flood Gaza.
Read the rest of the story HERE and view a related video below:

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