Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Democrat Stronghold States Dwindle As the GOP Surges

Feeling lonely, isolated, left out of the lunch-hour discussions at work because your political leanings do not match where you live?
Well, Gallup has just the thing for you: a new national list of states ranked by partisanship.
Find your most hospitable state and move there.
Wyoming and Utah are the most Republican states, while Massachusetts and Maryland are the most Democratic, according to the Gallup research out this week.
Although — oh, look! — both those alleged Democrat stronghold states just elected Republican governors. What's going on here? (Hint: Fatigue with a certain president from Hawaii, the seventh most Democrat state.)
Although the state-by-state rankings do not typically change drastically, there are some significant differences and a trend away from the president's party. Wyoming and Utah, for example, are much more Republican than Maryland and Massachusetts are Democratic. The GOP advantages there are more than 30 percentage points, while the Dem states exceed only 20 points.
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