Friday, February 13, 2015

Congress Finally To Investigate Holder's Bank Shakedown Settlements

Extortion: A House committee is looking into why Attorney Gen. Eric Holder cut Democratic activist groups in on billion-dollar settlements with big banks. Better late than never — we wondered the same thing six months ago.
They say that the wheels of justice grind slowly. But considering the size of this Obama administration power abuse, the probe's delay is disappointing.
I Think Orange is Eric's Color
In an Aug. 27 editorial, "Holder Cut Left-Wing Groups In On $17 Bil BofA Deal," we revealed that Holder's record $17 billion deal to settle alleged mortgage abuse charges against Bank of America included potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in set-asides for "a national network of left-wing community organizers."
Instead of going to so-called victims of the so-called fraud, Holder steered huge sums to affordable-housing activist groups approved by HUD, which is mired in a separate lobbying corruption scandal, including:
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