Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Rick Perry Stakes Out Nuanced Immigration Stance Ahead of 2016

Outgoing Texas Governor Stands By His Support of Discounted Tuition for the Undocumented
As Gov. Rick Perry lays the groundwork for a likely presidential bid, he is standing by a Texas law that allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public universities—a policy that drew opposition within his party in his previous campaign.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry delivers a farewell speech to a joint 
session of the Texas Legislature on Thursday. AP
When Mr. Perry sought the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, he memorably suggested in a debate that those who opposed the Texas Dream Act don’t “have a heart.” Now, with the benefit of hindsight and months of preparation for a probable 2016 White House bid, the governor, who leaves office in the coming week, says he chose the wrong words but was right about the policy.
Here Perry Gets Beat-Up on Immigration in 2012 Debate
His stance suggests he will stake out a nuanced position on immigration in a future campaign at a time when many Texas Republicans are advocating a repeal of the in-state-tuition law, and as President Barack Obama ’s recent actions delaying deportations have stirred anger among GOP activists and lawmakers.
“I said they didn’t have a heart, and that was a really bad choice of words,” Mr. Perry, 64 years old, said during an interview at the governor’s mansion this past week. Of the Texas law, he said: “I still support it.”
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