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Op-ed: Just Like Obama Jordan's King Caves to Terrorists

Just Like Obama Jordan's King Caves to Terrorists
By: Diane Sori

“The priority of Jordan from the start of the crisis was to insure the life of our son the pilot Kasasbeh.”
- Mohammad Momani, Jordan's Minister of State for Media Affairs

The man who marched in Paris against terrorism in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre is now giving in to the very ones whom he marched against. Setting a dangerous precedence and sending an equally dangerous message of capitulation to the enemy, Jordan's King Abdullah II has proven himself to be a coward of the first degree.

Tuesday, Abdullah's government...on his insistence...agreed to release convicted terrorist Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi in exchange for Jordanian air force pilot Maaz al-Kasasbeh. Captured last December 24th by ISIS during a Syrian bombing raid, al-Kasasbeh is the first coalition member to now be in the militant's hands.

In a video released this past Tuesday, ISIS had threatened to behead...the Jordanian pilot and remaining Japanese journalist Kenji Goto...a war correspondent with experience in Middle East 'so-called' hot zones (Haruna Yukawa, a private military contractor, was beheaded last Sunday). Saying they will be killed if their 24-hour deadline for an exchange was NOT met...the Japanese government has decided to work with Jordan... one of four Arab countries participating in the Syrian try to get the two men freed. And why wouldn't they as today's Japanese 'kumbaya' government is a far cry from the stalwart Japanese of 70 odd years ago.

And so Jordan...engaged in indirect talks with ISIS through religious and tribal leaders in Iraq as per the words of Bassam Al-Manasseer, chairman of Jordan's Foreign Affairs Committee...and with Japanese officials working closely with their counterparts in fact Japan's Deputy Foreign Minister Yasuhide Nakayama is in Amman to co-ordinate hostage-release efforts with join our traitor-in-chief...who exchanged five Taliban for one American breaking the cardinal rule that one does NOT negotiate with terrorists...period.

And this cowering by Abdullah has proven to be what I...and my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOT partner and friend Craig Andresen...have said all along...King Abdullah II is a weak man and an even weaker leader who buckled under growing criticism from those radical islamic sympahizers within his country who ratcheted-up the criticism of Jordan’s decision to join the American-led coalition against ISIS. And this is ever so sad as the coalition has actually proven to be quite ineffective as Obama continues to tie their hands from doing what needs to be in carpet bomb the barbarians back to the 7th century from which they were spawned...just like he tied the hands of our troops from killing too many of his blood brethren.

And the piece of human garbage ISIS demands to be released is, like I said, a woman by the name of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi. A would-be suicide bomber who claimed she was avenging her three brothers who she says were killed by American-led troops in Iraq, this vile woman...along with her husband... was one of four suicide bombers who attacked three hotels in Amman, Jordan in 2005, killing more than 57 people. Kasabeh was the only bomber to survive because her explosive vest did NOT detonate, and she was soon captured and rightfully sentenced to death...but now could very well be freed to kill again.

Could be freed has still NOT been freed because ISIS has NOT yet proven that the Jordanian pilot or the Japanese correspondent are still alive.

And at 3pm (GMT) on Wednesday, Jordan's foreign minister Nasser Judeh wrote on Twitter: “We asked a while ago for proof that hero Maaz (al-Kaseasbeh) is alive but we have not received anything.”

So ISIS then issued their own taunting message soon after Judeh's twitter post condemning Jordan for NOT releasing al-Rishawi, adding that unless she is freed within 24 hours...and again as I write this that deadline has passed and al-Rishawi has NOT been released...the pilot, followed by Goto, will be beheaded. And they closed by saying that this is the group's last message.

And sadly, if past actions hold true, these two men will be killed and all these negotiations will be for naught...negotiations that NEVER should have taken place because who stands strong and claims to be against terrorism... especially after marching in Paris but a few short weeks does NOT now or ever negotiate with terrorists. But can we really fault Jordan's king when our own most miserable of American presidents...a man who is a traitor to all things we as Americans hold dear... negotiates with terrorists all the time. The infamous 5 for 1 Taliban/Bergdahl trade; acquiescing to Iran's wishes as they work towards securing nuclear weapons; Obama's refusal to say the words 'islamic terrorism;' his stacking our government with his muslim brethren via the Muslim Brotherhood; need I go on...didn't think so.

“The United States does not negotiate with terrorists,” insisted former State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland at the time the U.S. was pressed to release the Blind Sheik. But the sad fact is that while Obama is by far the most grievous in this aspect, America has always negotiated with terrorists all the way back to the early days of our Republic when our Founders negotiated with the Barbary pirates...muslims acting up even back then...when they authorized an annual provision of naval supplies for what they called 'protection.’ And the policy we supposedly follow today against negotiating with terrorists has its origins in the early 1970s, when terrorists began kidnapping our diplomats and government officials to attract attention to their causes, to secure the release of imprisoned comrades, or to demand money to pad their cause's coffers.

But as bad as it was our negotiating with terrorists from the 1970's through 2001 (the Iran Hostage Crisis, the Iran-Contra scandal, Bill Clinton's sitting down with Hamas and the Taliban, just to name a few), in this day and age of on-going muslim islamist terrorism...the actions of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, King Abdullah II, and the Japanese government...who ignore the fact that when one rewards those behaving badly...behaving like savages...will most assuredly have them continuing with their unspeakable acts because they know the chances are good that they will be rewarded for those very acts of behaving badly.

And never mind that negotiating with terrorists shows the world your weakness and literally puts a price on the heads of all others being held...and this is what Jordan's king and the Japanese government are now doing with this deal in the making... negotiating with terrorists also shows the world where ones true allegiances lie.

And as I write this it's 4:30 pm EST and the deal for the Jordanian pilot and the remaining Japanese correspondent has NOT yet gone through. And now with the newest deadline issued by ISIS also having passed, Jordan is again demanding proof that their pilot is still alive, and that proof has NOT yet been given. But knowing what ISIS is capable of I would safely bet that both are now without their heads...and Obama is heaving a sigh of relief that his blood brethren have again triumphed and that King Abdullah II will forever have egg on his face and be known as yet another leader who capitulates to terrorists.

Guess just like here in America it's way past time for a regime change in Jordan as well...just saying.

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