Friday, January 30, 2015

UPDATE! Mitt Romney: 'America needs heroes' (includes Full Speech from Mississippi State University 01-28-15)

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney told a Mississippi State University audience that America needs heroes.
"You don't have to be larger than life to be a hero. Just be larger than yourself," he said.
Romney spoke about the personal and political lessons he learned during what he called "the most remarkable of my life's journeys," -- his most recent presidential campaign. He also shared views on current national and global issues and challenges, including Russia, a country he said is the nation's "No. 1 geopolitical foe."
"The sovereignty of a nation is to be respected. You don't invade just because you're bigger," he said. "We have to teach Russia, like we teach anybody, they have to follow international law or the consequences will be unfortunate for them," Romney added.
He discussed a need for strong opposition to ISIS and referred to Israel as "our best friend in the Middle East."

 Read the rest of the story HERE and watch the full speech below:

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