Thursday, January 1, 2015

ILLEGALS Knowingly Released by Homeland Security

The Obama administration’s failure from this summer’s border surge looks even worse in hindsight, according to an analysis released Monday by the Center for Immigration Studies that found the Homeland Security Department knowingly released most illegal immigrants into the community where they absconded, blending into the rest of the illegal immigrant population.
Most of those coming were not unaccompanied minors, but rather members of family units — at least one parent with a child or children, who under the law could have been held and deported quickly.
But the Obama administration ended up releasing almost all of them instead, and few have shown up later to be deported, according to statistics obtained by KPRC-TV in Houston and analyzed by CIS policy studies director Jessica Vaughan.
The Homeland Security Department is experimenting with 
GPS-enabled ankle bracelets to track illegal immigrants
 in the U.S. (AP)
“It’s not clear to me what is smart or effective about a massive and costly catch-and-release scheme that has resulted in the illegal resettlement of tens of thousands of illegal aliens,” Ms. Vaughan said.
Without deportation, she said, American taxpayers bear the costs of schooling, health care and housing.
Indeed, Health and Human Services, the agency charged with housing the children, issued a round of grants this month totaling about $60 million to dozens of shelters to care for the children.
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