Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Blood Test Promises to Help You Stall Old Age

Has technology finally unearthed the fountain of youth?
Capitalizing on the culture's growing obsession with health-monitoring through tech, a fitness-tracking company promises that its latest creation allows users to literally defy aging.
InnerAge helps consumers improve their 
health by monitoring biometric markers. 
(Photo: InsideTracker)
Called InnerAge, the service from 5-year-old Boston-based InsideTracker takes a blood sample and scores it based on five biomarkers ranging from glucose to vitamin D. The algorithm-sourced results tell you whether your body is older or younger than your chronological age and suggests a range of foods that over time will help improve your score.
The service, out today, costs $99 per analyzed blood sample, which is recommended two or three times a year to better chart progress. InnerAge is positioned as a simpler version of InsideTracker's more in-depth blood analysis programs, which can cost as much as $499 and are geared more toward elite athletes looking for optimal body performance.
InnerAge uses blood samples to determine your 
body's age relative to your chronological age.
(Photo: InsideTracker)
"Think about how we take our cars to the mechanic every 5,000 miles and plug in and see what's going on; we're doing the same thing for your body through blood (work)," says Gil Blander, InsideTracker's founder and chief science officer, and a former researcher on aging at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
"We're aiming for people most likely between 40 and 70 who feel the effects of aging and would like to delay the clock," says Blander. "Most of the people in that group will score higher than their chronological age, but by suggesting specific foods for each individual, we can help change that."
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