Friday, December 5, 2014

UKRAINE: Donetsk shelling of Ukraine Military by Pro-Russian Rebels dashes Ceasefire Hopes

The Ukrainian military says pro-Russian rebels have attacked its forces again at Donetsk airport despite a ceasefire deal earlier in the day.
The statement on Facebook said rebel shelling shattered the calm soon after both sides had ended their meeting.
Earlier the rebels reported a truce at the bitterly contested airport. And a ceasefire was agreed in nearby Luhansk region, European observers said.
Russian heavy armour has helped the rebels in their 
independence battle (Reuters)
Fighting has raged at the airport for three days. The rebels hold the city.
Ukraine says Russian special forces were involved in the latest Donetsk fighting, helping the separatists, who control a large swathe of eastern Ukraine.
The Kremlin has repeatedly denied Ukrainian and Western accusations that it has sent tanks and troops to the war-torn region to help the rebels.
Read the rest of the story HERE and view a video below showing Pro-Russian Separatist firing Missiles next to an Apartment complex in Donetsk at Ukraine Forces:

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