Monday, December 8, 2014

Op-ed: The Truth Some Do NOT Want to Hear

The Truth Some Do NOT Want to Hear
By: Diane Sori

'It’s all our problem. And anyone who believes in the values of this country should feel a call to action right now."     
- Mayor Bill de Blasio condemning the grand jury's decision

And so with his words the mayor of NYC hung the NYPD...New York's Finest...out to dry.

In a speech taken directly from a page out of the political correctness handbook, New York City's left-leaning, Obama-loving, ubber liberal Mayor Bill De Blasio publicly let all know his personal disgust with the grand jury's decision NOT to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of habitual criminal Eric Garner. And YES...30 previous arrests dating back to 1980 do indeed make Garner a habitual criminal...a habitual criminal whose felony crimes included assault and grand larceny. And at the time of his death, Garner was out on bail after being charged with NOT only selling 'loosie' cigarettes, but also with driving without a license, marijuana possession, and falsely impersonating another.

A pillar of the community Garner was NOT nor was this ever an incident about his race. This was an incident that should have stayed on the local should have Ferguson...but the media and the race-baiters turned it into a 3-ring circus solely to stoke the fires of racial discontentment.

And De Blasio is adding to that circus for De Blasio is NOT disgusted with the true facts of the case, instead choosing to show his disgust for those just doing their jobs...and doing them under the watchful eye of a black police sergeant on scene to boot. Saying this is "A very painful day for so many New Yorkers," De Blasio either fails to see or just does NOT care that his words have drawn a red line of sorts that he dare NOT cross...a dangerous red line with him on one side and the very men and women who put their lives on the line every day to keep New Yorkers safe on the other side.

And that is something NO mayor of any city should ever do.

And when he says nary a word in support of the difficult task afforded this jury, the NYPD or their now cleared officer, De Blasio personally insulted the jurors themselves, their decision, and the men and women in blue. Calling the decision reached a "national moment of pain' this man chose to ignore the reality that grand juries are instructed to follow the letter of the law when reaching decisions NOT adjudicate decisions based on raw emotions. And then following up with a statement that racial profiling and distrust between blacks and the city's police is "a problem for all New Yorkers, it is a problem for all Americans. It's all our problem," you just know that NYC is in serious trouble for De Blasio laid down the gauntlet by insinuating that the NYPD is NOT doing their jobs...NOT doing their jobs in his his demanded...politically correct way that is.

And the truth is that De Blasio is wrong on all accounts for what is the real problem in both NYC and in today's America is a self-perceived problem magnified and fed upon by the race-baiters, white-haters, and by a small but very vocal minority within black America itself... especially within the black population that lives in the inner cities. And it's in these inner cities where sadly, between 70% to 73% of all black babies born are born out of wedlock (in fact in some inner cities upwards of 80% of all black babies are born to out of wedlock teenage mothers) making this the crux of and the foundation for all their ensuing problems, because families without true daddies...families without strong male role models to lend a positive influence upon their children...are doomed to fail.

Lacking this positive male influence these children, most with different daddies, disproportionately drop out of school, use drugs, are either unemployed or simply unemployable, commit both petty and felony crimes, and are jailed at a much higher rate per their population numbers than whites, Asians, or Hispanics. And it's the Hispanics NOT the whites or Asians who take away the majority of entry-level or low skill jobs that used to go to young black inner-city men...and know it will only get worse job-wise...much worse...when Obama's EO amnesty plan actually goes into effect as it will cause a flood of jobs seekers who vastly outnumber the number of jobs available.

And De Blasio also willingly chooses to ignore documented facts...documented facts that include the astounding statistic that 99+% of all confrontations between the NYPD and blacks are NOT only NOT fatal but also are NOT even within the 'questionable' range. Also ignored is the fact that the NYPD is as racially diverse as the city they serve for the majority of today's NYPD is comprised of minorities (one out of three police officers is Hispanic; 18% are black, and 5.6% are Asian equating to 52.5% of the NYPD being minorities), and that while blacks are outnumbered in New York's population by whites to the tune of 33% to 23%, blacks commit eight times as many crimes against whites as whites do against blacks. And lest De Blasio forget a very disturbing fact that blacks, along with Hispanics, commit most of all NYC's violent fact 96% of all shooting victims and 97% of all shooting suspects in the city are black or Hispanic...translation: roughly 49 out of every 50 murders in NYC is committed by black or Hispanics.

Yet whites and the police are the problem in De Blasio's eyes even though his diverse city has both a diverse population and a diverse police department. In other words, De Blasio willingly plays right into Obama and crew's deliberate dividing of America into racial hot zones.

'Anyone who cares about the American value of justice should understand that this is a moment that change must happen," De Blasio bloviated on. But while he is wrong in who he blames, De Blasio is right about one thing...change must happen but NOT in the way he thinks. Saying that he had spoken with NYPD Commissioner William Bratton about retraining the entire police force is NOT what's needed...fixing the mindset of this small but vocal minority within the larger black community is. And that includes the mindset that they're 'owed' something because generations ago their ancestors were slaves.

And it also includes cutting off their free-ride...the freebies and handouts...they use to 'finance' what passes for a life...a life of their own choosing...a life that does NOT have to be for many blacks have made the conscious decision to get out of the inner get away from the thug mindset and culture that would have held them back from realizing their dreams...dreams that are shared by most of America. And it's these blacks, the majority of America's black population, that are as disgusted with the antics of the few as we are.

And these are the blacks that are also disgusted with and offended by the remarks of Mayor De Blascio for they see the truth behind his words...a truth that speaks of actually making blacks 'different' by treating them differently...of actually demeaning the black population by setting them apart so that they are NOT equal but are made separate from the rest of America heralding back to bygone days... words that are actually dividing America along racial lines instead of blurring those lines so that all Americans are just that...Americans...NOT white, black, yellow, or red Americans...but just Americans.

'It should be self-evident, (but) our history requires us to say 'black lives matter' De Blasio said but guess what...white lives matter too. And that is something all these people willfully forget...forget because for them racial hatred is big business to line their pockets with...and that dear readers is their true driving force and bottom line.

And that is the saddest thing of all.
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