Saturday, December 27, 2014

Op-ed: Priorities Overlooked

Priorities Overlooked

By: Diane Sori 

Fact: 148 people with 132 of them children were massacred by the Tehreek-e-Taliban at a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan, yet in his public statement about the incident Barack HUSSEIN Obama refused to refer to these barbarians as islamic terrorists.

Fact: Al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels are, even as I write this, beheading Christians then burning their bodies in ovens and Obama NOT only continues to send our taxpayer dollars to them but says nary a word in opposition of said actions.

Fact: Cuba is still an officially designated State Sponsor of Terrorism yet Obama has now said he will normalize relations with the communist country including the easing of economic sanctions as well as opening an American Embassy in Havana.

Fact: The lives of black thugs matter to Obama while white police officers lives apparently do NOT as NOT a word of substance has come out of his mouth about the targeted assassination of two NYC non-black officers by a fellow black muslim brethren thug.

Fact: Obama's true goal of his race-baiting and police-hating agenda appears to be the eventual implementing of a nationalized police force that would do away with NOT only county sheriffs but would consolidate all policing powers under the federal government...translation: under his personal control.

Fact: Obama traded five high-ranking Taliban commanders in exchange for the army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl, whose very action in deserting directly led to the deaths of the eight U.S. military personnel who were sent out to look for him. Then upon his release Obama elevated him to the status of a returning POW so that he could resume his military career and receive more than $300k in back pay all while his parents...especially his Taliban sympathizing father...were given 'red carpet' treatment when invited to the White House.

Facts, facts...just a few of so many pesky little facts being ignored or given mere lip service to by the Obama-controlled media, but one fact that try as they might the media cannot hide is the fact that both their 'anointed one' himself and his administration are NOT friends nor supporters of our military. From cutting America's defense budget, to tying our brave warriors hands so as NOT to kill too many of the brethren, to constantly apologizing for our military's actions every chance he gets, now a new low has been sunk to as the U.S. Navy's Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) will start an official investigation into the actions of Robert O'Neill, the ex-Navy SEAL Team 6 member who took-out 9/11 mastermind Osama bin-Laden.

And we can safely assume that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is behind it all.

Chief Petty Officer Rob O'Neill...decorated 52 times, a man who served more than a dozen tours of duty in active combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and who participated in over 400 separate combat now being accused of talking too much about the classified operation against bin-Laden. Claiming his action violated the Navy SEAL Code of unspoken military rule of sort that each SEAL agrees to regarding NOT discussing classified information in relation to their missions... this brave warrior...weeks after his having come forward to now all of a sudden NOT being heralded for taking out this islamic bast*rd but is being accused of revealing classified information to unauthorized in 'We the People.' But I must say that after having viewed the interviews he gave countless times...including the in-depth 2-hour FOX News special...I personally can find NO information that is critical to either our national defense or that might put those still in the war theater in danger especially when certain key details about the mission have been declassified after being leaked by high-level Obama administration officials right after the take-out was announced.

And while it's obvious to all that Navy officials are NOT happy with O'Neill for his speaking out about the raid conducted by 23 SEAL commandos and their interpreter just after midnight on the morning of May 2, 2011, there are now numerous rumors being circulated to the effect that O'Neill could face actual criminal prosecution for leaking secrets...but again...what secrets did he far as I can tell...none. And the only person throwing a wrench into O'Neill's story is another ex-SEAL by the name of Matt Bissonnette, a man who claims it was he who actually killed bin-Laden. In fact, Bissonnette wrote a book...NO Easy Day...about his personal exploits as a SEAL and who himself is currently under investigation for his 'supposed' revealing in his book the technical aspects of special operations.

But you know what...who really cares if it was O'Neill, Bissonnette, or some other SEAL...who actually pulled the trigger and took-out that filthy stain on humanity known as Osama bin-Laden as long as it's known that it was NOT Barack HUSSEIN Obama who killed bin-Laden NO matter how hard his narcissistic self wants the American public to credit him with the kill...for what should matter to all is that this stain was finally and permanently removed...period. And while we wonder if his death brings closure to the families knowing that their loved ones de-facto killer has been eliminated...that I do NOT know...but maybe for some it does, and I for one am more than happy that Osama bin-Laden is gone and can NEVER inflict anymore pain on America or Americans again.

But the bottom line in all this is what this administration focuses on...what this administration through media manipulation force-focuses our attention on...and that includes the Obama appointed military top-brass who he put in place after purging our military of its top officers. Wanting to bring charges against this brave Navy SEAL...bringing charges against one of own instead of focusing on those whose actions are acts of pure evil...this miserable excuse of a Commander-in-Chief and his equally miserable administration will do any and everything to throw those who wear our country's uniform to the wolves...wolves who are either his muslim blood brethren or who are his socialist, communist, liberal brothers-in-arms.

Either way America loses, but at least we can have a good laugh at the expense of both Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Sony Pictures losing focus and having a hissy fit over a hackers threat. First, and with much media fanfare, Obama butts in and forces Sony to acquiesces to said hackers cyber demands NOT to release a silly low-budget movie about the assassination of North Korea's loony dictator Kim Jong-un...or else. And then after the public's outcry over the stupidity of it all finally has Obama allowing Sony to release the film...The Interview...on Christmas Day as planned...once again proving that Obama's priorities are screwed up and that he has NO clue as to the real issues and threats that face our country today.

Or scariest of all when you really think about it...Obama does know but just does NOT care at all.

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