Friday, December 26, 2014

Op-ed: One Less Thug on America's Streets

One Less Thug on America's Streets
By: Diane Sori

And it's happen yet again...the two-legged 'animals' of sorts are out in force protesting and behaving very badly because another white police officer shot and killed another black thug. But this time there should be NO questioning the motives as the thug...18-year old Antonio Martin...known to the local police for a criminal record that included 3 assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon all since he was 17...and who would again be proven to be in possession of yet another illegally gotten gun...tried to rob a Mobil-On-The-Run gas station/convenience store in Berkeley, Missouri...a mere 2-miles from Ferguson... ground zero of the Obama/Sharpton initiated race war. And after his reportedly robbing the store, Martin and another man were lolling around in the parking lot when confronted by an officer who...on routine patrol...had simply gotten out of his patrol car to talk to him and the other man.

And video footage from the Mobil station's security cameras clearly shows the officer carrying NOTHING but a flashlight when he approached the two men to engage them in a conversation. The video also shows that the officer...a 6-year veteran of Berkley's police force and now on administrative leave...did NOT pull his weapon until Martin pulled out and pointed his gun at the officer while the other man ran away, thus forcing the officer's rightful decision to fire...'case closed.'

Click on link to see video of shooting...

At least this should be 'case-closed' for whether you are black, brown, white, red, yellow, or even purple with pink polka-dots, if you point a gun at a police officer there is almost a one hundred percent certainty that you will be shot dead and rightfully so I might add.

In fact, Theodore Hoskins, the black mayor of Berkeley...a city where the police department is reflective of the city’s majority black population...defended the officer involved in Tuesday night's shooting and said it was probably a justified shooting given what he saw on the surveillance tape. And he did so even as a number of St. Louis-area black community leaders descended on Berkeley demanding answers. Can't wait to hear what the anything but 'Reverend' Al Sharpton has to say about this clear-cut case along with his fellow race-baiters Jesse Jackson, AG Eric Holder, and of course numero uno white-hater Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

And true to form, after what should have been just a local news should have been Ferguson...this was picked up and disseminated by the Obama-loving, 'let's feed into the racism angle' media. Soon after, trouble ensued when a crowd of about 300 so-called protesters...anything but peaceful protesters...gathered at the site of the shooting and decided to throw bricks and fireworks at the roughly 50 officers now on the scene, injuring two officers. And one person even tried burn down a nearby Quik-Trip mini-mart but police were able to put out the fire before any major damage was done. Four people were arrested for assaulting police officers before calm finally took hold.

Shades of Ferguson all over again including the thug's mother ranting and raving that her son was but a sweet innocent child...more like a child from hell if you remember his afore mentioned rap sheet. Toni Martin, crocodile tears right on cue for the cameras, tried to convince reporters that her son had NOT been carrying a gun and was just walking to visit his girlfriend at the time of the shooting. “This doesn’t make any sense for them to kill my son like this,” she said but the fact remains that the surveillance video clearly shows otherwise making this yet another case of some in the black community NOT being aware of or accepting the truth about their children's criminal actions...or just as important...of them raising a thug.

And as the media continues to perpetrate the rhetoric and lies about sweet innocent black boys being killed by big bad white cops, some in Berkley's black community have jumped on his mother's denial bandwagon to challenge the police account that Martin had a fact he had a 9mm with the serial number 'defaced' as in filed off to be unreadable...all while claiming that the video footage was hazy and unreliable. And now just like for Michael Brown and Eric Garner a hashtag... #AntonioMartin...has been started to help feed into the nonsense that Martin was the victim of yet more police brutality against young black men, and they're doing so after many of them spent their recent days chanting and calling for the deaths of all cops.

A hashtag started solely to incite violence and contribute to this country's sad but ever-growing racial divide...a hashtag started to try and convince the rest of us that young black men are the targeted victims of racial hatred just because of the color of their skin...a hashtag started instead of them looking into certain issues within their own black community itself to understand why things like this seem to be happening more and more. And while both the Ferguson and the more recent Eric Garner NYC story were rift with misinformation, conjecture, and omissions from the very beginning due to the misreporting and outright lies put out by the media this story is really quite simple...another black thug robs a convenience store, another black thug tries to kill a white cop, and another black thug gets shot dead in his failed attempt to do so. And yet even with a video to back up above said simple scenario, we are forced to await the DA's decision regarding whether or NOT this case will be presented to the grand jury.

And if by some chance this case does go before the grand jury...and know it will do so only to try and appease the race-baiters and white-haters who will threaten violence if it doesn't...that scenario alone will most assuredly raze even more havoc in America's streets if there is yet another decision NOT to indict a white officer. But wouldn't it make more sense to understand and accept as reality that the Missouri taxpayers have been spared the cost of putting yet another black thug in prison... just saying.

And this 'supposed' affront against young black men will sadly continue to happen until black leaders...true black leaders NOT those of the like of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack HUSSEIN Obama...start leading responsibly...start setting a positive example for black youth to follow...start drumming into their heads the importance of family...of an education...that there are indeed consequences of choices whether good or bad...consequences that require one to take responsibility for whatever one's said choices are...and of understanding that for the most part it's black youth themselves by their continuing inappropriate and violent actions and reactions who helped create the very distrust they say white Americans and the police have of them.

And besides the black leaders it's the black community itself who must drive home all this to their children, because if that does NOT happen and happen soon chaos of the worst kind imaginable will result and it will NOT be the black youth who will be on the winning end...and that I can assure you. 
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