Thursday, December 18, 2014

Op-ed: Concessions to Tyranny Obama-Style

Concessions to Tyranny Obama-Style
By: Diane Sori

“Barack Obama is the worst negotiator that we've had as president since at least Jimmy Carter, and maybe in the history of this country.”
- Florida Senator Marco Rubio, son of Cuban immigrants who came to the U.S. in 1956 yet another tactic to divert and deflect our attention away from his unilateral authorization of 9,000 unapproved Syrian muslims being let into our country over the next few months...'We the People' got yet another lump of coal in our Christmas stocking from the traitor- in-the White House as Barack HUSSEIN Obama...coming but a day after Congress recessed for the Christmas holiday...has now taken it upon himself through executive action to LIFT the embargo against Cuba...a country on the U.S. list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

With his announcing that the U.S. will work towards 'normalizing' and restoring full diplomatic relations with the island nation just 90 miles off Florida's coast...including opening an embassy in Havana and easing restrictions on remittances, travel, commerce and banking, including allowing the use debit cards in Cuba as well as raise the level of remittances allowed to be sent to Cuban nationals to $2,000 every three months from the current limit of $500. And this means Obama is allowing even more American dollars to be sent out of this country going to non-Americans.

So once again and true to form Obama is violating standing U.S. laws by dealing directly with the communist/marxist country of Fidel and Raul Castro...dealing directly with a country 'in bed' with our enemies. And all this comes as Cuba releases American contractor Alan Gross...after his having served five years most recently in a Cuban prison hospital ward...for so-called 'humanitarian' reasons but the reality is this release is for anything but.

NOT done for humanitarian reasons for the reality is this release was done to mask yet another paying of ransom of sorts to an enemy...just like Obama did with that now come back to haunt '5- for-1' trade of five high-ranking Taliban terrorists for one low-level army deserter named Bowe Bergdahl. However this time, to secure Gross' release Obama actually used his clemency power to commute the sentences of the last three of the five Red Avispa members...allowing the three to be simultaneously released as Gross was released. This 3-for-1swap...of those convicted of spying on anti-Castro groups here in America (including Miami-based 'Brothers to the Rescue') with one of those being released convicted of 'conspiracy to murder' when the Cuban military shot down two of the 'Brothers to the Rescue' civilian planes...was ill-conceived from the start as Gross was NO spy but this deal of Obama's does make it seem as if he indeed was.

And so another prisoner swap has been completed where America once again comes out on the short end for this was an Obama-planned and executed swap...and you just know that cannot be good.

Alan Gross...who worked for Development Alternatives, out of Bethesda, Md., was a man who had traveled to more than 50 countries as an international development worker. Arrested in 2009 and falsely convicted in 2011 of spying for bringing standard satellite telephone equipment that was capable of cloaking internet connections into Cuba, the Castro government claimed this equipment was going to be used in a U.S.-led plot to overthrow said government. Gross was finally released yesterday after 18 months of secret 'back channel' talks at the highest levels of both governments...talks that were largely hosted by Canada and encouraged by Pope Francis.

Hmmm...Obama willingly talks with a communist government...after all he is a communist himself...but NO talks were conducted with our 'supposed' friend Mexico for the release of Sgt. Andrew Tahmoorissi...just saying.

And now the U.S. and Cuba...once the 'Jewel of the Caribbean' but sadly now a cesspool of poverty of Castro's own doing...are going to immediately begin talks to restore full diplomatic relations to end the five-decades-old embargo against Cuba. Saying he will send 'major' amounts of money to the Cuban people...people who will now go from having the Cuban government supporting them...'them' as in Cuba's version of our welfare gimme-gimme a by-proxy form of our American government and our taxpayer dollars supporting them. And all the Cubans who came here LEGALLY...including in what is the still legal and in effect 'Wet foot-Dry foot policy... just got a slap in the face from the traitor-in-chief as did any and all others who came here LEGALLY.

And what happens to all the Cubans who lost everything when Castro took power...the Cubans who were forced to flee the island in fear of their lives...when Castro 'stole' for himself and his minions all the property, monies, and tangible assets from those who opposed him...from those whose family members he murdered. And do NOT think for a minute that Castro didn't have people murdered for Castro had a direct member of my husband's family murdered...executed in lined up before a firing squad in front of his family, shot in the knees to force him into a hoped for 'begging for his life position' (he NEVER caved), and then had countless bullets fired into his body until dead. His husband's uncle was resistance member Humberto Sori-Marin, the Cuban Agricultural Minister who was actually working for and in tandem with JFK on the 'Pay of Pigs' invasion to overthrow Fidel Castro.

And now Sen. Rubio said he will (rightfully) try to use his upcoming key roll on the Foreign Relations subcommittee in an attempt to block Obama's "dangerous and desperate attempt to burnish his legacy at the Cuban people’s expense." And the incoming Foreign Relations chairman, Republican Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee, said this panel will be “closely examining” the implications of the administration’s new Cuba policy.

Also, former Florida governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently told a gathering of the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, "I would argue that instead of lifting the embargo we should consider strengthening it again to put pressure on the Cuban regime." Obviously, Obama did NOT give a damn about Bush's thoughts nor did he even heed RINO extraordinaire John Boehner words that "Relations with the Castro regime should not be revisited, let alone normalized, until the Cuban people enjoy freedom – and not one second sooner."

So the bottom line in Obama's announcement is that he is now rewarding a dictator who continues to oppress his people, thus setting in place an extremely dangerous precedent that could actually put American lives in danger. And how so...simply because this trade and Obama's now official recognition of the continuing Castro regime begs America's enemies to kidnap and use Americans overseas, both those serving in our military and in the private sector, as bargaining chips to get what they want. And with America's enemies being Obama's friends they will surely get whatever they damn well please.

“This entire policy shift announced today is based on an illusion, on a lie, the lie and the illusion that more commerce and access to money and goods will translate to political freedom for the Cuban people,” so said Sen. Rubio. And how right he is as this NOTHING but a politically opportunistic move that Obama has now set in motion will do NOTHING but allow Fidel's hand-picked successor...his younger brother Raul remain in power unchecked for Castro has the upper hand as Obama vindicates the very actions of yet another dictator against his own people.

"Todos somos Americanos" Obama said which translates into "We are all Americans." But know these words are a direct slap in the face to the Cuban people for the Cuban people are NOT Americans just as Americans are NOT Cubans...just as Barack HUSSEIN Obama is NOT an American himself...need I say more.
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