Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More Churches are Joining the 'Sanctuary' Movement to Shield ILLEGALS from Deportation

More churches in Arizona are joining the Sanctuary 2014 movement to protect illegal immigrants from deportation.
Eleazar Misael Perez Cabrera's deportation date was November 16, but he has been shielded from deportation by staying at Shadow Rock Church while his attorney tries to get him a stay from deportation. According to an Arizona Republic report, Cabrera's story is not unusual. For instance, "in Tucson, Mexican immigrant Rosa Robles Loreto hasn't left Southside Presbyterian Church since early August," and "Guatemalan immigrant Luis Lopez-Acabal has lived at the Tempe Church since September."
As the Republic notes, "Cabrera and Shadow Rock Church are part of a growing movement of activist congregation leaders who believe the United States has violated human rights by deporting millions of immigrants to unsafe countries and separating families," and the churches have "opened spare rooms, kitchens and bathrooms to immigrants who fear deportation." These churches provide illegal immigrants with shelter, legal advice, and other churches who want to join the movement are reportedly building showers so they can accommodate illegal immigrants.
The illegal immigrants are generally "safe from deportation as long as they don't leave the church," since "Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a policy that discourages agents from conducting arrests at places of worship, schools or hospitals."
Leaders of the Sanctuary movement have declared that they will play an even more critical role to protect those who do not qualify under Obama's executive amnesty.
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