Monday, December 29, 2014

Marco Rubio Faces Tough 2016 Choice: Run for Senate or President?

Sen. Marco Rubio is facing a difficult decision about running for president or continuing to represent Florida in the Senate.
The choice is complicated by last week’s announcement from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush —Mr. Rubio’s political mentor—that he was actively exploring a presidential campaign. The two are political allies and draw on overlapping Republican donor bases—but it is Mr. Bush who has the clear advantage in the depth of his political roots.
Florida bars a candidate from running for two offices at once. Mr. Rubio has said he would abide by that law and give up his Senate seat if he runs for president, a high-stakes gamble especially if Mr. Bush is one of his rivals in a presidential race.
“It’s really hard to see how the two candidates would be able to build independent bases of support in Florida,” said Fergus Cullen, former chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. “One of them has a chance to move forward with a candidacy, but it’s hard to see both of them moving forward.”
As Mr. Rubio grapples with the choice, he insists he will be unaffected by Mr. Bush’s decision. Instead, he says he will decide based on where he thinks he can have the most impact.
Mr. Rubio wasn’t available for comment for this story, his office said. But he recently said on NBC that “If I make that decision that that’s the right place for me to serve at this moment in my life, I’ll run for president.”
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