Monday, December 22, 2014

ISIS Recruits More Than Just Fighters

As it looks to expand its territorial base across broad swaths of Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State is recruiting for more than just fighters.
The extremist organization also using its sophisticated propaganda around the world to seek potential wives and professionals such as doctors, accountants, and engineers in its efforts to build a new society.
Police in Melilla, Spain, led away a woman who had been 
recruited to aid the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
Among those it has attracted were three teenage girls from Colorado, who set out for Syria this fall after swapping Twitter messages about marriage and religion with Islamic State recruiters, and a young woman who sought to fight there — or failing that, to use her nursing skills. It’s a diverse pool of recruits whose motives perplex Western governments.
The group ‘‘is issuing a bit of a siren song through social media, trying to attract people to their so-called caliphate,’’ FBI Director James Comey told reporters. ‘‘And among the people they’re trying to attract are young women to be brides for these jihadis.’’
ISIS introduces a baby to the sport of head kicking. Look 
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The group conscripts children for battle, recruits Westerners for acts of jihad, and releases videos of beheadings. But it also uses propaganda with a humanitarian appeal, such as photos of bombed-out Syrian villages coupled with pleas for help.
Video images of smiling children being given treats and enjoying stuffed animals paint a family-friendly portrait that suggests roles within the proto-state for wives and mothers.
Even as they preach violence, ‘‘they’ll do the warm and fuzzy . . . the gun in one hand and the kitten in the other,’’ said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin, head of the Justice Department’s national security division.
‘‘They’re seducing them with promises about how wonderful it will be,’’ said Mia Bloom, a professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.
Separately, Spanish and Moroccan police said Tuesday that they had arrested seven suspected members of a terror network spread across their two countries aimed at recruiting women for the Islamic State.
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