Wednesday, December 3, 2014

EBOLA: The World Health Organisation Misses Targets to Contain Deadly Disease

The number of people killed by Ebola has reached almost 7,000 as it emerged the World Health Organisation has missed ambitious targets to contain the deadly disease.
The death toll currently stands at 6,928, according to the U.N. health agency, with the total number of people infected with the killer virus having surpassed 16,000.
The figures, released today, come almost two months after the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched an ambitious plan to stop the outbreak in West Africa - by aiming to isolate 70 per cent of the victims in the three hardest-hit countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone by December 1.
New data shows there have been a total of 16,169 cases in those three countries alone, and approximately three dozen cases elsewhere.
Liberia has recorded the highest number of cases and deaths, but the rate of infection is currently slowing there. In contrast, the disease is now spreading fastest in Sierra Leone.
Out of the three West African countries, only Guinea is on track to meet the December 1 goal, according to an update from WHO.
In Liberia, only 23 per cent of cases are isolated and 26 per cent of the required burial teams are in place.
In Sierra Leone, about 40 per cent of cases are isolated while 27 per cent of burial teams are prepared and ready.
With the target date of tomorrow looming, it is almost certain WHO's goals will be missed - marking another failure in attempts to slow the biggest-ever outbreak of the deadly disease.
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