Sunday, November 23, 2014

Despite A Massacre By ISIS, An Iraqi Tribe Vows To Fight Back

Sunni tribesmen train on the outskirts of Ramadi, Iraq
, on Nov. 16.
The massacre of the Albu Nimr tribe came after they had fought against the extremists of the so-called Islamic State for weeks. In Iraq's vast western province of Anbar, the tribesmen had been driven from their stronghold in the city of Hit in early October.
They clung on to one last outpost on the outskirts of the city for nearly two more weeks. The Albu Nimr are accustomed to fighting. They say they participated in two insurrections against Saddam Hussein and boast of their ancestors' roles in pushing out British colonial rule.
Sunni tribesmen take part in military training 
on the outskirts of Ramadi on Sunday.
After the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the leaders debated whether to join the Americans or the insurgency against them. Sheiks say the Americans treated them with respect so they decided to side with them; leaked diplomatic cables speak of the tribe as a staunch ally since the early days of the occupation.
But this time, on Oct. 23, they ran out of bullets.
"There was no more," says Munir Jout, an Albu Nimr policeman from Hit. "And we were unable to fight."
He fled, piling his family in the car and driving north along the Euphrates River to the city of Haditha. ISIS flooded into the area, and many of the local residents who had stayed behind were rounded up and killed. Tribal sheiks think about 600 people died in less than a week.
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