Friday, September 19, 2014

You Can't Make this Crap Up: USA in 12th Place ... BEHIND Guatemala 9th ... El Salvador 7th in Global Well-Being

Next time you hear, "If we Deport them they'll face certain death", Show them this poll on, WELL BEING."

Maybe we should be passing copies of this Poll's results out at our Southern Border ... Do You Think?
Maybe there's something in Panama's canal water.
In a new poll, the Central American country ranks first among 135 countries on subjective well-being – not just how much wealth or health people have but how they feel about their lives.
Syria and Afghanistan rank last, and the USA ranks 12th in the poll conducted in 2013 and released Tuesday by Gallup and Healthways, a Franklin, Tenn., company that markets wellness programs.
The results are based on a new global version of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. The index looks at how people feel about five facets of their lives: sense of purpose, social connections, community, finances and physical vigor.
Overall, countries in the Americas and Northern Europe rank highest, and those in sub-Saharan Africa rank lowest.
Panamanians truly stand out for positivity: 61% are "thriving" on at least three measures of well-being, Gallup researcher Dan Witters says. The next closest country is Costa Rica at 44%. Six of the top 10 countries are in Latin America.
A woman dons a decorated hard hat Aug. 15 during the 
Panama Canal's centennial celebration in Panama City. 
 Panama ranks first in a new poll of global well-being
(Photo: Arnulfo Franco, AP)
Here is how each country ranked, based on the percentage of its people found to be "thriving" in at least three of the five categories:
1. Panama, 61%
2. Costa_Rica, 44%
3. Denmark, 40%
4. Austria, 39%
5. Brazil, 39%
6. Uruguay, 37%
7. El Salvador, 37%
8. Sweden, 36%
9. Guatemala, 34% (emphasis mine)
10. Canada, 34%
11. Trinidad and Tobago, 34%
12. United States, 33%
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