Tuesday, September 9, 2014

You Can't Make This Crap Up: British Jihadists Fighting for ISIS have become Sad and Disillusioned... And Want to Come Home Now

... And if the Brits believe this BULLSHIT, they deserve anything these SLIMEBALLS dish out if they allow them home for anything less than a LONG PRISON TERM:
Some of the British men who have traveled to the Middle East to fight on behalf of the extremist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have grown disillusioned and now they’d like to return to the more tranquil confines of the United Kingdom.
The Muslim fighters are afraid to go back, though, because they worry they’ll end up in prison, according to British television network ITV.
King’s College London professor Peter Neumann, an expert on terrorism and radicalization, indicated that a jihadist recently got in touch with King’s College researchers. The unidentified jihadi claimed to represent 30 other men. His message was that British Muslim extremists who ventured to the Middle East to join ISIS radicals have now grown disenchanted with their adventure.
We just want to go back to our old neighborhoods and
pick-up where we left off. 
“We came to fight the regime and instead we are involved in gang warfare,” the Islamic mercenary said, according to The Independent. “It’s not what we came for but if we go back we will go to jail.”
Neumann suggested that it’s all very sad that these Muslim Brits went to the Middle East to fight Syria’s Assad regime but ended up involved with various rebel factions in a complex civil war. Now, those factions have taken to fierce and violent warring among themselves.
Read the rest of the story HERE and watch a related video below:

This is what I'd do:

I'd gather the names of these bastards and SEND THE LIST to the ISIS SOB in charge of  Decapitations.

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