Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Left is Blind to the Slaughter of Christians

The letter "N" for Nazarene alongside Arabic saying the
building now belongs to the Islamic State.
IN the ancient Christian city of Mosul in Iraq the terrorist group Islamic State (formerly ISIL) has painted the Arabic letter “N” on doors of houses to signify that a Christian family lives inside and is in store for special treatment.
That treatment includes torture, crucifixion, beheading or, for the lucky ones, forced conversion to Islam. Yet all we hear is Gaza Gaza Gaza.
There is a Christian genocide going on in the Middle East and Africa.
Eleven Christians every hour are being slaughtered — 100,000 Christian martyrs a year, according to the US Centre for the Study of Global Christianity.
Christians are the most persecuted group on the planet but the Left is only exercised about dead Palestinian children, because it gives them an opportunity to kick Israel.
What other explanation can there be for their silence about the hundreds of thousands of dead children in Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Central African Republic? They pretend to be champions of human rights but they are very selective about which humans they champion.
It doesn’t compute for the Left to see Christians as victims. Nor can they fathom that the Israelis they like to call “Zionists” are victims, because the word “Jew” makes them uncomfortable, with its reminders of the Holocaust.
But here we see today in Mosul the same persecution we saw in Nazi Germany leading up to Hitler’s genocide.
And the compassionistas turn a blind eye.
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