Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Governor Races are Tilting Toward Republicans

Republican candidates for governor have built an unexpectedly strong position for election this fall, boosted by an improving economy, disaffection with President Obama, and a national fundraising machine that is far ahead of the opposition.
Four years after an economic crisis and opposition to Obama’s health care law propelled Republicans to capture a lopsided majority of statehouses across the country, they are faced with a staggering political task: defending 22 of the 36 executive mansions up for grabs in November.
While the sheer scale of Republican gains four years ago offers Democrats a wealth of opportunities to win, the political environment appears to be tilting once again in the Republicans’ direction.
The recession that doomed Democrats in 2010 is shifting into a recovery, driving down jobless rates and bolstering Republican incumbents. At the same time, Obama’s approval ratings have fallen even in states he won in 2012.
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