Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas sends Letter asking The UN for Protectorate Designation

While Secretary of State John Kerry continues to pursue a cease-fire in Gaza—and Hamas rockets continue to rain down on Israel--the United Nations is looking over a proposal from Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas—now known formally at the U.N. as President of the State of Palestine—to draw the world organization in as its full protector.
A letter laying out the Abbas request to put not only Gaza but also the West Bank “under an international protection system by the United Nations” was sent to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon two weeks ago, and formally presented by Ban to the Security Council on Monday.
The document is evidently intended as a further stage in the Palestinian diplomatic offensive to wrap itself as much as possible in the U.N.’s blue-and-white flag to further isolate Israel and advance Palestinian recognition, as well as bring an end to the current ground offensive aimed at wiping out Hamas rocket and tunnel infrastructure.
But paradoxically enough, its fuzzy wording also seems to undercut the notion being put forward by Palestine’s interim government—which includes Hamas—in as many U.N. venues as possible that Palestine is already a sovereign state with defined borders deserving of full international recognition.
That status according to U.N. Security Council resolutions is not supposed to be decided except through direct peace negotiations.
A U.N. spokesman told Fox News that beyond acknowledging receipt of the Abbas communication, “we should not have any other response to provide while his letter is being studied.”
“This is simply a thinly veiled attempt to ask the UN to intervene against Israel,” notes John Bolton, a former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and a Fox News contributor.
“The Palestinian Authority can hardly contend on one hand that it is a sovereign state, and on the other that it should be made, in effect, a U.N. Trusteeship.
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Here is the Letter:

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