Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Israel accepts Egypt's Proposal to End Gaza Conflict .. Hamas responds with more Missiles

Israel accepts Egypt's Proposal to End Gaza Conflict
Israel has accepted an Egyptian truce proposal for the conflict with Gaza.
Hamas, which controls Gaza, is still discussing the plan, but its armed wing has rejected it as a "surrender".
Under the terms, the ceasefire should begin immediately, followed by a series of meetings in Cairo with high-level delegations from both sides.
Palestinian officials say at least 192 people have been killed by Israeli air strikes launched eight days ago to stop militants firing rockets into Israel.
There have been no Israeli air strikes into Gaza since the 09:00 ( 06:00 GMT) truce, but Israel says 39 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel after the deadline.
US Secretary of State John Kerry said he could not "condemn strongly enough" Hamas' actions in continuing to fire rockets despite the ceasefire call.
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Hamas responds with more Missiles to Ceasefire Proposal
An Egypt-backed cease-fire between Israel and Hamas fell apart Tuesday as rocket attacks from Gaza were again answered by Israeli airstrikes.
The rocket attacks from Hamas militants in Gaza never ceased, Israeli officials said. For its part, Israel refrained from airstrikes for about six hours before announcing it was resuming them.
A CNN crew witnessed at least five Israeli strikes just as the announcement was made.
Israel Defense Forces said 47 rockets were fired into Israel during the cease-fire period, which Hamas never accepted.
The faltering of the cease-fire attempt means there may be little hope of seeing an end to the near constant exchange of fire that has so far killed more than 190 Palestinians in Gaza.
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