Sunday, July 27, 2014

Forget the Young Illegals .. THE REAL STORY is that ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ are ONLY ONE-FOURTH of Illegal Border-Crossers

A Border Patrol report reveals that “unaccompanied minors” are only one-fourth of the current invasion from Central America across our Southwest border. The crossings by family units have increased almost five times faster. This contradicts White House and media efforts to elicit public sympathy by focusing public attention on children.
Total other-than-Mexican (OTM) apprehensions were 202,951 in the Southwest Border Sector (with three-fourths of those in the Rio Grande Valley) from Oct.1 through June 30. Of those, 57,525 were “unaccompanied alien children.” The other 145,426 persons were among 55,420 “family units” who also crossed the border, according to the report. The document can be viewed online here.
The Border Patrol report reveals far more explosive increase of illegal immigration by families than by minors. The increase among minors is 106 percent great than fiscal year 2013. But among family units the increase is an incredible 493 percent. The White House keeps a tight lid on letting the Border Patrol release information, wrongfully claiming that privacy law blocks the release of statistics. So nobody has explained the skyrocketing border crossings by family units, nor explained why they haven’t been immediately flown back to Central America. Airline fare from our border to there is only $667 per person, far less than the costs being incurred to taxpayers.
But the revelation of the massive numbers of 55,420 families explains the TV accounts of “mothers and children” being driven to processing centers, then being dropped off at bus stations and airports from where they disperse to destinations all across America.
Unlike the unaccompanied minors (who are mostly teen-agers), these families are not warehoused for as long a time in government facilities where they remain bunched together and visible to visiting reporters, congressmen and others. Their presence is much less visible, yet much larger.
Have any been returned to Central America? Although the Obama administration brags that it has flown some back to Honduras, that involves less than 100 persons. So only a tiny fraction, far less than a single percent, has been repatriated.
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