Friday, July 11, 2014

Chris Christie: What's this say about his Judgement and Fiscal Conservatism?

Here's a little Gem I found hidden in a story about Atlantic City being on Life Support. You can read that full story HERE.

The following however, is what caught my eye:
... And this summer, three years into New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's last-ditch, five-year revival plan for Atlantic City, it's clear that the roulette wheel and slot machine have done as much as they're going to do for America's first great beach resort.
Casino revenue has declined almost every month for the past eight years and now amounts to just half of the $5 billion reported for 2006. Atlantic Club (1,600 jobs) closed in January, Showboat (2,100 jobs) will close next month, and several of the 10 surviving casino-hotels probably will shut or shrink.
That may include Revel, a 70-story-high glass extravaganza that Christie called "a game-changer for Atlantic City'' when it opened two years ago after being completed with an emergency infusion of $261 million in state tax credits.
Since then, Revel has twice filed for bankruptcy protection. Built for $2.4 billion, it's expected to sell for no more than a few hundred million at auction next month... (emphasis mine)
Great judgment call..huh?

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Anonymous said...

What I think of Christie is my own opinion as I haven't heard any other's. He is a rhino governor who, like obama, loves to be in the Hollywood lime light. Although he claims to love his state and America, the mere fact that he loves obama tells me he supports obama and would be a bad choice for a GOP candidate. He wouldn't win beause he would only be another McCain. Set up to lose to the Democrat Party's candidate. That's my opinion and I'll stick to it until proven

Anonymous said...

Your opinion is informed and accurate. Kudos.