Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Seeing is Believing: Teem Obama Speed Up Deportation of ILLEGALS

The Obama administration has announced that it will work to process and deport illegal immigrants quicker, and that a new detention center for families crossing the border is to be opened. 
The Wall Street Journal reports that the facility, located on the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's Artesia, N.M., campus, will hold families while their deportation proceedings unfold.
The Homeland Security Department said the facility is one of several DHS is considering to hold and expedite the deportation of the mounting number of adults with children illegally crossing the southwest border.
"We will house them in facilities that are humane and compliant with legal requirements," Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, told The Wall Street Journal. In 2009, the government reportedly shut down the main family detention center amid complaints about conditions there.
Currently, the government only has about 100 beds to house families with children. This fiscal year, some 39,000 people traveling as families have been apprehended, but the vast majority have been released, with many receiving ankle bracelets to monitor movement. 
The Obama administration’s plan will do nothing to address another piece of the Central American surge—children traveling to the U.S. alone, a group that is treated differently under U.S. law. (emphasis mine)
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