Sunday, June 22, 2014

Mitt Romney to help Scott Brown in New Hampshire

Scott Brown’s signature pickup truck is sputtering to gain traction in his new home state of New Hampshire, and he is turning to an old Massachusetts friend to get him out of the rut. 
With a new Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll showing Brown trailing Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen by 10 points in the Granite State, some GOP activists are worried about whether the former Massachusetts senator can catch up to an incumbent once considered among the most vulnerable in the nation.
Then Gov. Mitt Romney swears in newly-elected
state Sen. Scott Brown in Boston in March 2004.
Shaheen leads Brown 49 percent to 39 percent in the Suffolk/Herald poll of 800 likely voters, and just 9 percent are undecided — an unusually low number this early in the race. 
“Any time an incumbent is that close to 50 percent it’s not good for the challenger,” GOP consultant Rob Gray said.
But Gray cautioned the race is far from over, and the Herald has learned Brown will soon be getting a boost from former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who is enjoying a resurgence among voters in New Hampshire and other states. 
“He’ll be going to help him. It’s in the works and it will happen,” said Ron Kaufman, a key operative in Romney’s political team. Romney might be on hand to join Brown in the ever-popular July 4th parade in Wolfeboro, where the Romney family has a vacation home.
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RomneyMan said...

Bad luck for S.Brown

Anonymous said...

Two losers.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Jeanne Shaheen Cheering squad is alive and well.

Anonymous said...


Mitt's Moment

He fixes problems; we've got 'em.


Mr. Romney never really fit his assigned part
as Gordon Gekko or Milburn Drysdale.
When other private equity pioneers were
turning their millions into billions,
he left to rescue the Winter Olympics.

America is not headed in 2012 for
a landmark decision on the size and
role of government. America is headed
only for a moment of recognition.
Like Greece.
Like the troubled businesses Bain overhauled.
Like the failing Salt Lake City Olympics.

There's no money to pay for bigger
and bigger government.
There's no money to pay for the government
we've already promised ourselves.

Bankrupting the nation to pay
for health care is not an option.

If we do nothing, if entitlements remain unreformed,
the money simply will be withheld to pay for them.
You'll still be entitled to that knee operation
at taxpayer expense. Good luck finding a doctor
to perform it. The WAITING list will be long.

Our world that's coming is a world of narrowing,
not widening, choices. It's a world that suits
Mr. Romney's skills and history,
his knack for OPERATING within CONSTRAINTS.

Mr. Obama lives in the same world, of course,
but is UNEQUIPPED to deal with it.
Also, given his inclination to seek refuge
in a clueless reverie of big new programs
at a time when the resources simply don't exist.

The consensus for painful reform comes
when the status quo hits the wall.
It's a myth that we don't know what our choices are.

That's the Romney moment. His strong suit has
always been TO DO what everyone else has put off.


Wall Street Journal December 2011

Anonymous said...

some here just can't get over the fact that we love Romney, his ideas and his standards. I guess folks like Craigforanyloser, (aka 'romneyman', Cruz-Haley, etc) just can't deal with someone who has brain cells.

Anonymous said...

This will give Scott a boost no doubt. Romney is doing very very well this year. NH loves Romney. Republicans are going to owe Romney a debt of gratitude in nov.