Thursday, June 26, 2014

Massachusetts: State Police launch Crackdown on Texting while Driving .. EXCELLENT!

State Police announced Friday they are redoubling their efforts at enforcing laws against distracted driving, specifically texting behind the wheel, officials said. 
Increased enforcement, which will continue through June 28, will include adding marked and unmarked patrols and stationing plainclothes spotters at intersections to watch for distracted drivers, State Police said.
“Unfortunately, many motorists will not comply with the laws focused on distracted driving without the very real threat of penalties,” said State Police Lieutenant Stephen Walsh. “Our hope is that they change their behavior permanently, not just during the crackdown.”
The added enforcement is part of the state’s two-year campaign with the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The campaign, titled “Text With One Hand, Ticket In The Other,” began in 2013 and aims to increase awareness of safe driving practices and laws against distracted driving.
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1 comment:

RomneyMan said...

Good decision. Texting/ the old head bobbing up and down when checking their mobile whilst driving is a totally irresponsible, immature and disgusting practice.
The tougher the enforcement and the tougher the fines the better on this topic.