Friday, April 25, 2014

Glenn Beck has to feel a little silly now over making a BIG DEAL about not getting a Thank You note from Mitt Romney

Glenn Beck revealed Monday that the weekend before the 2012 presidential election, he gave Mitt Romney a priceless, first-edition copy of George Washington’s farewell address. Beck put it in the hands of Josh Romney, the Republican nominee’s son, and explained that it was his personal copy and extremely valuable.
“I never got a thank-you note,” Beck said, recapping the situation Wednesday. “And I understand how things go … people send me stuff all the time, and I can’t write a thank-you note … however, this was George Washington’s farewell address, first edition … and I know the Romneys. We’re not buddies, but I know them. And I said, ‘If he doesn’t like it or doesn’t want it, please send it back.’” 
Beck said that after he first spoke about the incident on his radio program Monday, Romney emailed him with an explanation: he never received the document.
Read the rest HERE and view Beck's comments below:

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Anonymous said...

When I first heard the story, before Romney made the explanation, I thought how petty can Glen Beck be. He said he was still mad about how long after the fact? Plus, I couldn't help but think how little he understood Romney. How could he go through the past 7 years, and not realize that Romney's not like that? Was he paying any attention at all? ha ha.

So, I'm glad Romney clarified. Glen Beck is not exactly my cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

All Mormons are silly.

Anonymous said...

Many people who convert to mormonism are new at it, like Glenn Beck. Also, there are good and bad in any group. Have the American Indians explain that to you. You don't seem to have great reasoning powers. You are persecuting others for their beliefs, and lumping them all together. Just look at how different Mitt Romney is from Glenn Beck. Then there is Harry Reid . . . A person with so little discernment needs a different hobby than politics.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck's stupid support of Palinista undermines his credibility. This 'thank you note nonsense' is like straightening chairs on the titanic. Glenn Beck has not addressed that anti-capitalist "elephant" in his living room.

cimbri said...

So what happened to document? Mitt's son needs to explain.

Also, why did he give him the document. Sounds like he was trying to curry favor. Beck is a weasel.