Saturday, March 1, 2014

The GOP's Hopes of taking back the Senate just got a Boost in Colorado

A shake-up among Republican candidates in Colorado has given the party a better shot at winning control of the Senate in 2014, after GOP Rep. Cory Gardner on Wednesday decided to run against Democratic incumbent Mark Udall and a tea-party- allied candidate agreed to drop out. 
Republicans familiar with the decision said Mr. Gardner, a second-term House member who is well regarded by GOP leaders, had changed his mind after resisting repeated entreaties in past months by the National Republican Senatorial Committee to run for the seat.
Rep. Cory Gardner
Republican officials believe his change of heart will put another swing state in play and give them an improved opportunity to pick up the six seats they need to win a majority in 2014. 
With polls showing Mr. Udall looking vulnerable, Colorado seems increasingly ripe for a competitive race. Mr. Gardner is expected to announce his candidacy in the next few days, a GOP official said, confirming an earlier report by the Denver Post.
Sen Mark Udall
"Gardner's entry into the race is a game changer, and makes Colorado much more competitive," said Jennifer Duffy, an analyst of Senate races at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report. 
Looking at the contest's impact on the range of competitive Senate races across the country, Ms. Duffy said, "It expands the map, and this is what Republicans have to do. If you need six seats, you have to expand it as much as possible and hope you have the wind at your back."
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Unknown said...

It's happening this morning (3/1) at Denver Lumber Co. Just got an email tonight about his announcement.