Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Cost Obamacare Screw-Ups Begin to Add Up in States

Maryland could end up spending as much as $30.5 million as a result of a glitch in its ObamaCare website, as the Obama administration steps in to help states with problematic exchanges. 
Because of Maryland’s defective exchange, the state cannot determine whether customers remain eligible for Medicaid, according to a report by state budget analysts released Thursday.
As a result, the state has agreed with the federal government to a six-month delay in determining eligibility, meaning that payments will continue to be made to customers who are not eligible until the system is fixed. The delay will cost the state $17.8 million in fiscal 2014 and $12.7 million in fiscal 2015, the analysts estimated.
On Friday, the Obama administration said it would suspend some Affordable Care Act rules to help the 14 states with their own ObamaCare sites, particularly Maryland, Massachusetts, Hawaii and Oregon, which have had the most problems. 
The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services plan, completed a day earlier, states the federal government will help pay for “qualified” health-insurance plans for customers in those states who because of “exceptional circumstances” had to buy plans outside of ObamaCare exchanges, as reported first by The Washington Post.
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BOSMAN said...

These Obamacare problems that we've been calling 'Glitches' are a lot worse than a little software fix.

Millions and millions of dollars down the hopper and that's not even to fix them ... most of these states are still having major issues and websites are un-workable.

In the case of Massachusetts they are considering scrapping their ONCE EFFICIENT PRE-Obamacare Health Care WEBSITE and starting over from scratch.

Obama's MESS is costing Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of additional dollars.

Anonymous said...

Bosman, I stopped even reading about Oregon problems. It's a royal mess, probably worse than anywhere else.