Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Massachusetts Health Care Website may expire from Obamacarenosis

The consultant brought in to help fix the state’s troubled health insurance marketplace acknowledged Thursday that its website may not be fully functioning by the end of June, and that one option under consideration is to scrap the multi-million-dollar site and start over. 
The lack of a working website may make it difficult to meet the June 30 deadline to move more than 200,000 people into insurance plans that comply with the federal Affordable Care Act, said Sarah Iselin, special assistant to Governor Deval Patrick.
But she said the administration would devise a backup plan so that residents would remain insured if the website is not ready — possibly by developing workarounds like the ones the state is already using to provide people temporary coverage without depending on the Health Connector website. 
The website, created under Massachusetts’ 2006 landmark health insurance law, worked well for several years. But it was overhauled last year to meet the more complicated demands of the Affordable Care Act — by CGI, the same company that designed the federal health insurance website, which also had a disastrous rollout this fall. While the performance of the federal site has improved markedly, the Massachusetts site continues to have serious problems. (emphasis mine)
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