Friday, February 14, 2014

Rubio calls for the Withdrawal of Obama's Nominee for Ambassador to Argentina (Full video 02-11-14)

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on Tuesday called on the White House to withdraw the nomination of a political fundraiser to be U.S. ambassador to Argentina, saying political and economic turmoil there demanded putting a career diplomat in charge. 
At a confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week, Rubio asked the nominee, Democratic political consultant Noah Bryson Mamet, if he had ever been to Argentina. "I haven't had the opportunity yet to be there," he responded, although he added, "I've traveled pretty extensively around the world."
On USA TODAY's "Capital Download," Rubio said he hoped the administration would agree to pull the nomination, perhaps designating Mamet for some less demanding post. If the nomination is allowed to stand, "we're going to see what procedural options we have left to slow down that process and call attention to it." 
Under changes in Senate rules made last year, a senator can no longer block such a nomination outright. But Rubio's focus on Mamet's qualifications for a difficult diplomatic posting could create complications and embarrassment for the White House, already under fire for other ambassadorships given to political supporters.
In his confirmation hearing to be ambassador to Norway, hotel magnate George Tsunis referred to the president of Norway — there isn't one — and seemed unaware that the anti-immigrant Progress Party was part of the coalition government there. Hollywood producer Colleen Bell drew brickbats from Arizona Sen. John McCain after she offered only generic comments about the situation in Hungary, where she has been nominated to serve as the ambassador. 
"Look, every president has made political appointments of political allies and donors and so forth, and I understand that's still the case and in some instances that works well — you know, if you're going to Malta or if you're going to the Bahamas," Rubio said. "But not every country can you send a political appointee to, and Argentina is one of those countries that we can't."
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