Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mohamed Morsi should have known: He Who Throws Stones, ends up in Glass Cages

Now that I think about it..I don't remember any concern from Morsi about Mubarak's comfort during his trial... Do you?
Lawyers for Egypt’s ousted president and his codefendants walked out of court on Sunday to protest the soundproof glass cage in which defendants are held during proceedings, state TV reported.
It said judge Shaaban el-Shamy ordered a recess after the lawyers left the hearing, the first in a case in which Mohamed Morsi and 35 others are facing charges of conspiring with foreign groups and undermining national security. 
Shamy, who later ordered the trial adjourned until Feb. 23, was quoted by the private CBC TV network as telling the lawyers that the trial would proceed without them if necessary.
Hey Mo..Maybe you and your pals should have  shown
some respect for the trial proceedings instead of  making
fools out of yourselves...Do you think? The Glass above 
looks very becoming on you...
It also reported that Morsi shouted at the start of the trial that he could not hear the proceedings. 
Shamy sent technicians to inspect the cage to verify Morsi’s assertion, CBC said. The judge then ordered the speaker volume raised, but the defense lawyers remained unsatisfied and walked out. 
The cage was introduced after Morsi and his codefendants interrupted the proceedings of other court cases by talking over the judge and chanting slogans. The cage is fitted to give the judge sole control over whether the defendants can be heardwhen speaking.
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