Friday, February 14, 2014

Lawmakers say Obama flouting the Law by releasing Asylum Seekers

Republican lawmakers on Tuesday accused the Obama administration of flouting the law by releasing asylum seekers into the community while their cases are being heard, on the heels of a controversial new directive that raised security concerns about the asylum system. 
"It is apparent that the rule of law is being ignored," House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said Tuesday, speaking generally about the asylum system.
Lawmakers, though, specifically cited a newly uncovered Immigration and Customs Enforcement document that showed thousands of asylum seekers were released while awaiting a decision. The document, obtained and reviewed by, showed that in fiscal 2012, just 2,508 of the more than 24,000 asylum seekers were kept in custody. 
Goodlatte, in a written statement, argued that the administration is violating laws that "require detaining certain individuals seeking asylum."
"These laws are in place to allow immigration authorities to expeditiously determine whether the individual in question is truly facing persecution or trying to game the system, and to prevent bad actors from being released into our communities," he said. "Because our immigration laws are so loosely enforced by the Obama administration, we should not be surprised to see so much fraud in the system."
The ICE document showed that a total of 22,000 were released that year, though a few thousand were actually deported and a small percentage had their asylum requests granted. But thousands more were released on bond, released under supervision, or released under some other status. The document also indicates that officials may have lost track of some asylum seekers. Several hundred individuals are listed in a category that includes people who escaped.
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