Saturday, February 15, 2014

ILLEGALS launch a Hunger Strike....Am I supposed to care?

Some undocumented aliens from Montgomery County say they are being unfairly detained by authorities and have launched a hunger strike inside the York County Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Center to draw attention to their circumstances. 
Tuesday, relatives and supporters of Oscar Sanchez, Jobito Resendiz, Israel Resendiz-Hernandez and Donaldo Vazquez, gathered in Philadelphia outside the offices of ICE to demand that their loved ones be released.
“They're not willing to negotiate on cases that are not high priority by their own rules. By their own policies all these families are low priority cases which means they shouldn't be detained in the first place,” said protest organizer Sheila Quintana with DreamActivist PA.
Read the rest HERE and watch a related video below:

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Now all this talk about ILLEGALS on a Hunger Strike is building up my appetite.

Now if I were in the area, I'd probably stop by and wish them well while I eat lunch.

If they're lucky...AND FAST LONG ENOUGH...maybe they'll break a record....wouldn't that be something?

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1 comment:

BOSMAN said...

I'm sorry...but I don't get this. I'm not a heartless person either. But my first reaction is...GO AHEAD STARVE YOURSELF....less ILLEGALS to deport and IN LINE taking away spots from those WAITING to immigrate here 'legally'

WHAT DON'T THEY GET? YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS...YOU'RE CRIMINALS...YOU'RE HERE ILLEGALLY..You want rights? Go back home..Do your hunger strike there to better your circumstances...Now that, I could support.